Let’s talk about your BREASTS…

Our breasts make us feel feminine. However when you notice a change, discover something worrying, or just feel unhappy with their appearance, it can affect our whole sense of self.

Discover what’s normal, and what’s possible for you.

General procedures

Worried about a change in your breasts? Feeling insecure about size or shape? Find out what’s normal and what can be done.

Breast Enhancement

Also known as breast augmentation or a ‘boob job’, surgery involves increasing the size of the breasts by the use of implants or lipomodelling (lipofilling/free fat transfer).

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is beneficial for women who have breasts that are heavy and/or large in proportion to their body build or for those with asymmetrical sized breasts.

Breast Uplift

Known as a Mastopexy, this procedure involves reducing the skin envelope of the breasts and repositioning the nipple-areolae to match the new shape.

Breast Examination

Found a change or something worrying in your breast? Put your mind at rest by having it examined and investigated as soon as possible.

Breast Cancer Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with cancer it’s important to know what your options are – both in terms of regaining your health in the short term and feeling good about your appearance in the long term.

Breast Conservation

If the tumour is small in relation to your breast, breast conserving surgery (Wide Local Excision, Lumpectomy or Quadrantectomy) may be possible.

Breast Removal

If the tumour is large in relation to your breast, breast removal surgery (otherwise known as a Mastectomy) may be required.

Lymph Node Removal

If breast cancer is detected, this procedure can help determine whether or not cancer cells have spread outside the breast.

Breast Reconstruction

Various methods are available to reconstruct a breast using the woman’s own tissue or a prosthesis or a combination of these.


Dr Jacqueline Lewis has transformed many women’s lives, not just through her skillful cosmetic procedures, but also as the result of her empathetic manner, honest advice and highly personalised care.

Here’s what they have to say about their experiences:

Such grateful thanks for your knowledge, kindness, expertise and skill

ML, Aged 42

It is now 12 years since my reconstruction and I still get compliments when I get a mammogram!

RS, Aged 64

Mrs Lewis is a magician with a wand that provides very real benefits in a very short time.

JF, Aged 56

As scared as I am of “unknown” procedures I had a sense of an overwhelming trust in you, your professionalism, your vision…

CL, Aged 48

You don’t have to work it out all by yourself

If you are suffering the after effects of cancer treatment, childbirth or the menopause, help is at hand. Talk openly to someone who understands, and make an informed decision.


Based in London, Dr Lewis is a highly respected surgeon, with over 30 years experience in helping women feel good about their bodies.

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